In the name of Hussein

During the holy month of Muharram (in the days of Ashura and Tasua), Shiites remember with pain and certain pride, the death of Hussein, the beloved grandson of the Prophet Muhammad and the third Imam for the “Followers of Ali”. Little is known about the parallels between the martyrdom of Hussein for Supporters of Ali and Jesus Christ for Christians. For a connoisseur of the Holy Week events in the Catholic world, especially around the Mediterranean, discovering and experiencing Ashura and Tasua in any city in Iran becomes a big surprise as we find unexpected similarities between both religious and social events: Karbala for the Shi’a community is what Calvary means for Christians, Hussein and Jesus are considered sacred martyrs by their followers, Tasua and Ashura are equivalent of Holy Thursday and Good Friday and there are similarities in both demonstrations with processions, mourning, penance, etc.